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Energy Harmonisation Online Training
Date: 27-Mar-2021 2:00 PM

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Address: Online Virtual Event, , United Kingdom
Discover Your Magic Training for Healers & Mentors
Date: 03-Apr-2021 10:00 AM

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Address: Online Virtual Event, , United Kingdom
Master Your Own Destiny
Date: 10-Apr-2021 10:00 AM

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Address: Online Virtual Event, , United Kingdom
Online Mentorship with TJ Higgs
Date: 11-Apr-2021 8:30 AM

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Address: Online Virtual Event, , United Kingdom
LivingWell 2021
Date: 11-Jul-2021 10:30 AM

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Address: Quarry Park, Victoria Quay, Shrewsbury SY1 1JA, SY1 1JA, United Kingdom

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Priority Upgraded Listing with Box Advert - Happening in March-2021
Energy Harmonisation Online Training
[Saturday,27 Mar 2021] :: 22 Days to go.
This Event is Advertised Globally
Contact: Mrs G A Rafello Date: Saturday,27 Mar 2021
Phone No:07913724183
Address: Online Virtual Event
Posted in Sussex
United Kingdom
Time: 2:00 PM

Energy Harmonisation Online Training

Are you an energy healer ready to help others transform? Would you love to have a system that supports you as well?

Energy Harmonisation is a healing modality that combines dowsing with colour therapy, crystals, and powerful light codes to instantly lift your vibration. It can create deep and transformational healing for people, animals and spaces.

It can work on anyone and anything and can quickly transform how people feel and improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. You can now learn this simple, yet powerful, system of vibrational medicine from the comfort of your own home, in a small group with dedicated support.

• Lift the energetic frequencies for yourself, friends and family and the spaces you live and work in.
• Transform your career, romantic relationships, business, health and ability to welcome financial abundance.
• Develop a healthy sense of creativity, confidence, clarity and purpose.
• Experience greater freedom and feeling of peace.
• A perfect system to support others who may be sensitive and have additional needs.

“Energy Harmonisation is the most incredible healing system I have learnt. By contacting the energy vibration that exists around us all, you can heal yourself, your relationships and your homes.” Karen, Psychotherapist, UK November 2019.

Who is this training for?
This system will support anyone and is especially good for existing therapists, life coaches, support workers, counsellors, parents, carers and teachers.

“I think my biggest learning was that I could send healing with my pendulum. By previously using the colour board I realised I had a natural aptitude for this mode of healing and feel confident in using it now.” Donna, Homeopath, UK February 2020.

At level one you will learn to:
• Manage your energy, sensitivity and emotions.
• Release anxiety and negativity.
• Feel greater relaxation and peace.
• Enjoy better sleep.
• Begin to work on others.
• Connect to your creativity.
• Create positive relationships.
• Connect to your guidance and make decisions that serve you.

“The dowsing activities were exciting yet focused, providing really interesting, amazing, and thought-provoking results. The energy generated was wonderful, so too the feeling of inner peace. Thank you, Gabrielle, for opening up a new world!” Holly and Caroline, UK November 2019.

Level one provides an entry point for the other levels which are optional:
Angel Board Module – a complete energy recovery system, working with the Angels and Archangels to clear and realign energy quickly and easily.

Level two focuses on distant healing, working specifically to support the needs of children, young people, and animals and developing a more magical connection with nature.

Level three concentrates on amplifying your intentions to co-create your experiences and helping yourself and others through major life transitions.

“It all feels life changing to me. An essential tool for anyone really committed to raising their vibration to the 5th dimension and beyond!” Rosemary, UK November 2019

How much will it cost?
The investment for level one is £495, a monthly payment plan is available and there is a conscessionary rate for those on low income.

This includes:
4 x 4-hour training sessions online in a small group
Q&A sessions and ongoing support.
All the materials for you to print out at home.
Concessionary rates are available for those on low income.

Special Offer in March 2021 – FREE Angel Board Module (3 hr session worth £95)

Please book by 30 March 2021 to claim this offer

Please email [email protected] to ask any questions.

“I highly recommend this training. It is a beautiful modality and has been a life saver for me.” Samantha, Medium, Healer, Teacher, UK February 2020

“Just wanted to say thank you Gabrielle for bringing the gift of EH. I have learned many systems however this one is such a simple, light touch with precision effectiveness and easy to learn. Genius.” Moriah, Women’s Empowerment Coach, UK May 2020

“I have enjoyed my EH board and I use it regularly. It is a good way for me to clear negative energy and find out where the energy is coming from. Before I have an important meeting or interview, I use my EH board to help me build up confidence and clear my chakras. I learnt so much during my training and every time I use EH I feel more and more energy and I learn new things about myself. I feel like my training is ongoing.” Juliet, Primary School Teacher and Mum, UK November 2019


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Discover Your Magic Training for Healers & Mentors

Priority Upgraded Listing with Box Advert - Happening in April-2021
Discover Your Magic Training for Healers & Mentors
[Saturday,03 Apr 2021] :: 29 Days to go.
This Event is Advertised Globally
Contact: Gabrielle Rafello Date: Saturday,03 Apr 2021
Phone No:07913724183
Address: Online Virtual Event
Posted in Sussex
United Kingdom
Time: 10:00 AM

Discover Your Magic Training for Healers & Mentors

Please watch my video for further details

An inspirational 12-month programme to prepare you to become a highly skilled professional healer and mentor ready to serve humanity during this time of rapid awakening.

Positive mental and emotional health will become a major priority from 2021. With so many changes taking place at this time, individuals, groups and organisations will begin to rely upon highly experienced and skilled professionals in the healing arts.

Do you have a strong desire to help others enjoy better health and wellbeing?

This one-year programme will provide all the tools and experience you need. With over two hundred hours of training included in the basic programme, it represents an incredible opportunity. It will put you firmly on the path to manifesting a profitable stream of income and really making a difference to the lives of so many.

Discover Your Magic combines a variety of healing modalities including Angelic Reiki and my own system of Vibrational Medicine, known as Energy Harmonisation.

Please email [email protected] for details about this programme and what it involves, I will send you an information pack and application form.

This programme will transform your purpose in so many ways, enabling you to:
• Recognise your gifts and skills and be able to attract and serve an audience that is ready and willing to work with you.
• Feel confident and clear about what you will be delivering.
• Understand your core needs so you can fully align with your personal values.
• Receive dedicated support from all levels.
• Discover the innate talents you have within you.
• Experience expansion and a greater sense of freedom.

In this inspirational 12-month programme you will:
• Develop skills in a wide variety of modalities to include Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Vibrational Medicine, Meditation, Colour Therapy, Animal Healing, Space Clearing and Creative Feng Shui.
• Create a safe space for yourself and others, to expand your awareness and your healing abilities in a variety of ways.
• Learn how to work with the angelic realm, spiritual masters and galactic healing teams.
• Connect to and become clear channels for wisdom and guidance.
• Be able to provide clear readings for others.
• Receive specialist training in how to support children, young people and sensitive souls and helping those with additional needs or experiencing major life transitions.
• Gain confidence in your ability to manifest.
• Learn how to manage the ascension process and symptoms of awakening.
• Receive ongoing support to develop highly effective practices, attract fee paying clients and grow successful health and wellbeing businesses.

What is included?
You will receive dedicated support through:
• Monthly weekend workshops at the Koorana Centre, Ardingly
• Monthly one-to-one personal mentoring sessions online
• Fortnightly online group calls
• Monthly access to an established online healing and development group
• Interaction with other group members
There be in depth learning experiences, practical sharing opportunities and personal study time. You will need to allow at least 3 hours per month in addition to the training, to complete your healing work, your short assignment (500 words) and to write up your notes and experiences.

This programme is suited to those who resonate with:
• Being an uplifter, visionary, healer and way shower and who know their mission is to help assist others and shift humanity into a higher dimension during this powerful time.
• Supporting themselves and others through the process of ascension.
• Being ready and willing to commit fully to their personal development and healing practices both for themselves and for others, knowing that the more they elevate themselves the more they can help others do the same.
• Having a keen interest in working with the angels, archangels and galactic healing teams with high vibrational frequencies.
• Being willing to learn about healing energies and potentially work with people of all ages and from all different backgrounds, including animals and nature, land and spaces.
• Having a strong interest in supporting highly sensitive people (HSPs) and empaths and the younger generation.
• Wanting to experience deep and profound transformation.
• Using curiosity and intention to develop a positive and healthy way of life in conscious ways, to pursue their calling, do what they love and see tangible results.
• Being ready to enjoy a level of freedom and expansion on both personal and professional levels.
• Fulfilling their desire to be of service and a bridge to the new world and the Golden Age approaching.

This course is suitable for anyone of any age, complete beginners, or those with some experience. The main requirement is that you feel drawn to making a real difference in this world during this time of transformation and you are willing to be of service to Spirit.


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Discover Your Magic Training for Healers & Mentors

Priority Upgraded Listing with Box Advert - Happening in April-2021
Master Your Own Destiny
[Saturday,10 Apr 2021] :: 36 Days to go.
This Event is Advertised Globally
Contact: sheila steptoe Date: Saturday,10 Apr 2021
Phone No:
Address: Online Virtual Event
Posted in Essex
United Kingdom
Time: 10:00 AM

Master Your Own Destiny

If you have ever sensed that there is so much more to life, but don’t know where to find it or where to look, then why not try the Master Your Own Destiny online mini-course. Be inspired to wake up who you truly are, achieve greater success and have more fun in life as you begin to understand more about who you are. Includes guided spiritual meditations. Personal Message me or give me a call and let’s see if this is something for you. Would love to connect.


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Spiritual Development - Events
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Online Mentorship with TJ Higgs

Priority Upgraded Listing with Box Advert - Happening in April-2021
Online Mentorship with TJ Higgs
[Sunday,11 Apr 2021] :: 37 Days to go.
This Event is Advertised Globally
Contact: Tracy Higgs Date: Sunday,11 Apr 2021
Phone No:
Address: Online Virtual Event
Posted in International
United Kingdom
Time: 8:30 AM

Online Mentorship with TJ Higgs

Online Mentorship Programme - April - September 2021
Join TJ Higgs for an online mentorship programme.

The classes will be held monthly and in two groups, beginner intermediate and intermediate advanced.
There will be an option of an AM or PM group.
Classes will run for 3 hours.

Both groups will develop and enhance both psychic and mediumship skills. There will be a designated facebook group where TJ will set you a monthly challenge, homework and a place for you all to keep in touch and support each other.

Saturday's Beginner Intermediate
AM Group 10AM UK
To Book use this link Online Mentorship - Beginners/Intermediate 10AM UK Time April - September 2021

PM Group 6pm UK
To Book use this link Online Mentorship - Beginners/Intermediate 6PM UK Time - April - September 2021

Sunday's Intermediate Advanced
AM Group 10AM UK
To Book use this link Online Mentorship - Intermediate/Advanced 10AM UK time - April - September 2021

Monthly Zoom Classes
Beginner Intermediate
Intermediate Advanced
Designated facebook group
Total Investment £450.00 - option to pay monthly


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Priority Upgraded Listing - Happening in May-2021
Feng Shui Practitioner Course IFSG approved
[Saturday,01 May 2021] :: 57 Days to go.
This Event is Advertised Globally
Contact: Vicky Sweetlove Date: Saturday,01 May 2021
Phone No:01279654129
Address: Waterside, Islington, London
Posted in London
N1 7UX
United Kingdom
Time: 10:30 AM

Feng Shui Practitioner Course IFSG approved

Feng Shui Life School of Feng Shui London Feng Shui Practitioner Course IFSG Gold Programme at Waterside, Islington, London N1 7UX

The Space Clearing Modules start on the 20th and 21st February 2021 as per the Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy course.

The Feng Shui modules commence Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd May 2021, 5th and 6th June 2021 and 26th and 27th June 2021

£2880.00 for 12 days to include Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy
Payment plan available. Book here for Course Bookings

The practitioner training is taken over 12 days including a Feng Shui tour students must complete 8 case studies to include the Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy programme.

What is Feng Shui
History of Feng Shui
I Ching,
Early Heaven and Later Heaven Baguas
The Eight Trigrams
Compass Directions
How to take a compass reading
How to Plot your Floor Plan

Form School
External environment
Internal environment
Location, landscape shape of buildings
Sitting and facing directions of house
Compass directions and life areas

The five element cycles
Case studies of an office/home
Sha chi/Sheng Chi
Energy flow in the land and the home
Directions of chi – how to assess

How to use the 5 elements as cures and enhancements
Shapes and Symbols of the Five elements
Symbolism of artwork.
Flying Stars and yearly afflictions
Directions for the current year
Office feng shui assessment
Space Clearing
Energy of Space –
Geopathic Stress
Geopsychic Stress

Garden Feng Shui, chi and compass directions
How to plot the house floor plan and the land.
Bazi Chart – assessment for the current year & next year
Colour Assessment – according to Bazi
Best Directions – for sitting, sleeping and facing

Feng Shui tour and office consultation.
Case study and assessment on own floor plans

How to carry out a consultation
Code of Ethics and Confidentiality
Being a professional Feng Shui Consultant

To make a bookining and more information :[email protected] or


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Discover Your Magic Training for Healers & Mentors

Priority Upgraded Listing - Happening in July-2021
AromAware Events Wellbeing Fair, The Clay Factory
[Saturday,03 Jul 2021] :: 120 Days to go.
This Event is Advertised Globally
Contact: Elaine Drake Date: Saturday,03 Jul 2021
Phone No:01752 605816
Address: The Clay Factory
Redlake Industrial Estate

Posted in Devon
PL21 0EZ
United Kingdom
Time: 11:00 AM

AromAware Events Wellbeing Fair, The Clay Factory

A HUGE fabulous fair at The Clay factory with lots of family friendly talks & workshops, Art & crafts for adults & children, Family Yoga sessions,  Meditation for adult and for families. Creche facilities. Vegan Cafe, Vegan. Meet the local business's of the Clay Factory too and what they have to offer at this amazing venue. FREE PARKING FREE ENTRY


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LivingWell 2021

Priority Upgraded Listing with Box Advert - Happening in July-2021
LivingWell 2021
[Sunday,11 Jul 2021] :: 128 Days to go.
This Event is Advertised Globally
Contact: June Meagher Date: Sunday,11 Jul 2021
Phone No:+447446298661
Address: Quarry Park, Victoria Quay, Shrewsbury SY1 1JA
Posted in Shropshire
United Kingdom
Time: 10:30 AM

LivingWell 2021

Free entry to LivingWell 2021 with over 100 exhibitors and 30 speakers on 11 July, 2021, Shropshire’s premier wellbeing festival bringing together some of the leading names in the holistic, psychic, environmental and wellbeing from around the UK and overseas.

Over 100 exhibitors will come together to educate, enlighten and engage you with a variety of stands and there will be over 30 speakers and workshop leaders for all age groups including children. Exhibitors will be placed around this beautiful 29 acre park in the centre of Shrewsbury, in their own gazebos or in the main marquees.

Speakers include: Dr Anna Hayes Ben Calder Dr Lale Tencher Mags O’Brien Caroline Rolling Lisa Lochhead Shrewsbury Triratna Buddhist Community Dr Helen Ford Natasha Wilcox

Want to attend the event? As it is Free entry to LivingWell 2021 and it is set in a park, all you need to do is turn up. We will be open from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm Parking is nearby at Frankwell Car Park.

What will be happening? We will have a variety of talks, demonstrations and activities throughout the day including a sensory garden and labyrinth. There will be meditations, mindful walks and talks on Buddhism, Nutrition, Animal Communication, Gratitude, standing in your own power, healing, Tai Chi, yoga and many other great talks. There will be crystals, clothes, art, jewellery, taster sessions of healing, massage, reflexology and much more.

Our sponsors include Shropshire Carpets, DAVGAR Music, Mystique, Healers & Therapists News and new sponsors will be added regularly. This event is being held in The Quarry, Shrewsbury’s 29 acre beautiful town centre park which is home to wonderful events such as Shrewsbury Garden Festival and The Shrewsbury Food Festival. Within a few minutes walking distance of the Frankwell Car Park.

Organised by JJ Events, a collaboration between Jane Lightfoot and June Meagher who, between them, have decades of experience in running successful wellbeing, holistic and psychic events. Jane Lightfoot is an internationally known psychic medium who reads for people globally and who has run events around the UK for many years, specialising in psychic and wellbeing events. Jane ran the successful Psychic & Holistic event in The Quarry in 2018. Jane is the owner of the holistic centre Mystique in Harlescott, Shrewsbury.

Sound Healing workshopJune Meagher or & has organised events globally as well as nationally including the annual Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies, Shropshire’s longest running free holistic and wellbeing festival attracting up to 2,000 visitors at the Priory School Shrewsbury or Oswestry Memorial Hall.

June is a past Board Member of The Healing Trust (the UK’s largest organisation for Healers) and runs Healers & Therapists News with over 18,000 members. Having run the Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies for over 20 years, June has built up a great bank of exhibitors, speakers and visitors.


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